Personalized Children’s Music CD’s and Story Books

If you’re looking for unique personalized children’s gifts or gifts for a baby, we have the perfect idea! Consider musical CDs and storybooks personalized with your child’s name.

4-CdsOur personalized gifts for kids are perfect for children of all ages, even babies, Kids Music CD offers great personalized music gifts, soothing lullabies, entertaining sports CDs, and story books featuring your child’s name integrated into the lyrics or story line. Young children will delight in hearing their name sung over and over, as many as 98 times throughout the songs on each recording. Kids just love the music, and adults love the quality and wholesomeness of each selection. All personalized music gifts come with an imprint of the child’s name and a special message from the giver right on the label. These personalized gifts for children are perfect for that special youngster in your life.

Personalized Music for Kids

  • Personalized music CDs feature your child’s name in the recorded music.
  • Thousands of children’s names to choose from
  • Your child’s name is integrated and woven into the music up to 98 times throughout the 8 to 14 songs or personalized sports casts on each personalized music gift.
  • CD labels can be imprinted with your child’s name and a personalization message from you.
  • These CD gifts are designed for children ages 1 to 14.
  • Each CD contains original music that is professionally performed and recorded

Personalized Books for Kids

Big Books